Sustainable Agricultural Activities for Better Future

API Group Agro Inversiones

is an agricultural real estate developer with an experience of many decades and operating in different countries with corporate partners. Api Group Agro Inversiones is specialized for the development of almond , pistachio and walnut plantations. We also do organic plantations and we have a great know-how for the modern and sustainable farming activities.

We strongly believe that agriculture is one of the most important industry in the world and growing population and increasing food demand is making this industry more important. We also believe that agricultural real estate is one of the most valuable real estate asset and the popularity and demand for this asset type has been increasing dramatically in the recent years.

Our Productions


We use chandler type walnut tress in our plantations and most of our plantations have been planted with intensive method.


We have Penta, Lauranne, Soleta, Guara, Makako and Vairo varieties in our almond plantations.

Modern and Scientific Farming

API Group Agro Inversiones has been practicing modern and scientific farming activities in every level of the development of the plantations. We do all the necessary tests before starting any activity in the farmlands. We apply to soil test and all the other necessary tests before we make the final decision to start the project. We also make all the checks for soil , water and climate suitability to decide the right type of crop for the projects. We use GPS systems for the preparation and plantation

API Group

API Group has over 20 years experience in the agricultural business and has been operating in Spain, Turkey, Bosnia and Portugal. API Group owns and operates walnut and almond processing factories, packaging factories and frozen food factory in these operation zones.

API Group has a great reputation and success in all the industries it operates including real estate , agriculture and food industries. Our slogan is local knowledge and global vision. We are looking at the future very bright with our dynamic an international team.

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